escape the ordinary

We rent out minimal fully furnished lofts both short and long term. Maybe you need a month for yourself or you want to settle down for a year. Trust us, you’ll want to stay forever. All apartments are ready to move in. The wifi connected and beds made; zero hassle. We take care of everything.


you’re here, now relax

In the rush of the city, where everything is ever changing and everyone moves with haste, île offers a little refuge to escape the race. Whether you want to nest for a few weeks or you would like to settle down for a longer stay, île provides you with the time and place you need.


Maybe you feel the need to rediscover yourself? Or even reinvent? Or you’re looking for a sanctuary, free from distractions to finally work on that business idea? Maybe you are looking for a warm home after a break-up? Whatever phase you find yourself in,  île presents you the perfect place. From our single household lofts to family cocoons. 


In our serene, minimalist but luxurious studios and apartment, you’ll find the time and space to replenish your soul. Every space has been carefully designed and furnished and fully provided with the everyday essentials. We offer you that much needed breathing space where you can live at your own pace.  

created and curated by Jackie Bohème

Île only works together with other parties that add a real value and strengthen our concept to turn your stay into a fulfilling soul journey. Île has been created by real estate & hospitality agency Jackie Bohème, who curated the concept with diligent care into a soft and minimal interior. Using quality materials, experienced craftsmen and the perfect blend of colour, shape, texture and accents, we created special spaces that capture the essence of me-time.